For those that were waiting for the official debut of Lil Wayne on the silver screen, the wait till have to continue.

Starring alongside actors such as Forest Whitaker and fellow rapper/Cash Money member Bow Wow, the Louisiana native was ready to bring the story of Hurricane Katrina to life with the film Hurricane Season.

Unfortunately, the movie has been sent straight to DVD to be picked up at local Blockbuster Video stores across the nation.  The film also sprung a leak as if surfaced, in its entirety, over the Internet on December 13.

Hurricane Season was initially expected to come out sometime in 2010.

Bow Wow reacted, via Twitter, to the movie being leaked to the masses online.

“@TherealTaraji im so mad how they did us in hurricane.  Not letting us know what they was gone fo.  And then next thing its all over the net.”

The film was actually a project that many were excited about in Hollywood.  Linking with director Tim Story, who directed other films such as Barbershop and Fantastic Four, the upcoming project had the green light to go.

Financially, however, the movie was unable to stay afloat as the project was under the Weinstein Studio which was facing countless financial troubles and was being forced to place many of their upcoming films on the shelf. 

Along with a lack of funds, the movie was also considered obsolete with its subject matter of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath after it hit Louisiana.  Oddly enough, there are many movies that came out long after a national tragedy and were still able to receive a theatrical release.

Almost like the delayed actions after the Hurricane, there seems to be some suspicious business going on behind closed doors. 

Whatever the case may be, fans will still have an opportunity to watch Bow Wow and Lil Wayne, and this time it will be even cheaper to watch.

Watch some of the footage from Hurricane Season here:

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