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“Yo, put it like this.  All I’ma say is get ready for another classic.  N*ggas is really on their Shyte, 3,000%.  I know from what I’m hearing and I’m like yall, I’m looking for the same Shyte.  N*ggas is on the grind, hard body.”

It seems that Raekwon wasn’t the only rapper that has been cooking up a sequel to a breakout debut.

Fresh off of linking a deal with the Chef and his IceWater imprint, the duo CNN will be delivering their hood report again with the release of The War Report 2.

How quaint that signing with Rae, who just released Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. 2, would result in a part 2 of their own breakthrough record.

The upcoming release from Capone-N-Noreaga is expected to drop in 2010.

Recent interviews had both talking about an album that would be similar to The War Report which would be called Report The War. Picking up the concepts from the debut, they had intended to reverse each individual track so “Blood Money” would become “Money Bloody.”

Dropping the original back in 1997, the two have attempted to break apart and pursue their own solo careers, but nothing comes off better than that CNN sound.  With the lackluster results of 2009’s Channel 10, the New York rappers must have realized that they must return back to the start line.

Whether or not a sequel is possible is undetermined.  Touching potent product such as The War Report could have its benefits, but it could also come down crashing, but if Rae was able to push another chapter into the original copy, why not CNN?

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