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Is anything sacred anymore? Is anything ever sacred in Hip-Hop? Mixtape covers have always been outrageous but possibly they aren’t more outrageous than during the holidays. 

Whether it is Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, mixtape creators will always go above and beyond the call of duty to photoshop some hilarity onto a cover. Santa Claus outfits, strategically placed candy canes, and all types of random holiday related things will be put next to your favorite rapper.

Why? Who knows. You’ve always got to stay topical and with mixtapes, back when you had to pick them up in the street, had to look like they were brand new. If it was late December and you saw a cover with a Christmas theme, chances are you knew that his was going to consist of all your new music.

Understandable, but like all struggle rappers (and struggle DJs) leave them to ruin a good thing. As always.

Hit the jump to check out just out a history of hilariously photoshopped mixtape covers.

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