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Another turn around the sun for Hip-Hop isn’t truly complete without a patented year-end rap up by Skillz. Unless you call the proverbial spot underneath a rock home, by now Hip-Hop enthusiasts should be familiar with the Virginia MC’s annual summation of the year’s most relevant cultural occurrences.

The synth-heavy production sonically differentiates the “2012 Rap-Up” from its predecessors, but that’s where the comparisons end. Mad Skillz adds context to the change in soundscape with his opening line, “[They] say the song’s going to reflect the times right?”

From there, the lyricist breaks down each of the highlights in Hip-Hop, sports and entertainment. As per usual, Skillz leaves no stone unturned, as he mentions everything from Brian McKnight’s raunchy resurgence to Obama’s forthcoming second term in office. The legendary ghostwriter also speaks on the lack of balance in music, citing that the sound of Hip-Hop was either too fast or too slow.

The song appears as a bonus cut on his recently released LP Thoughts Become Things , which is currently available for purchase on iTunes now. Listen to Skillz’s “2012 Rap-Up” below.

Photo: Skillz