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Miguel is the latest artist to appear on MTV’s new show, This is How I Made It. 

The R&B star, who delivered again this year with Kaleidoscope Dream, sat down for this interview to document his rise to prominence since growing up in San Pedro, California. “Where I grew up in San Pedro is where the projects are, at the time there was a lot of racial tension, ” says Miguel.

“My father is Mexican and and my mom is black, so I found myself in the middle of this on a few occasions. Kind of having to choose not to be either, but to be myself, those experiences interestingly contributed to my individuality.”

Miguel also spoke about his the legal trouble he found himself in once he ditched his independent deal and signed with Mark Pitts. “The rug was pulled underneath me, you know? It’s one thing to not have money and just never have it, but to get that money finally and squander it on legal fees is the weakest thing. It’s so wack.”

Check out the full interview down below including the making of “All I Want Is You.”

Photo: Yardie