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T.I., who was a guest on ESPN’s First Take today, gave his opinion on Kobe Bryant blaming the Lakers’ slow start to old age.

Kobe Bryant is taking a lot of heat for ripping his under-performing Lakers team and calling them “old as s***” and “slow”. The “Kang of the South” didn’t let him slide for those comments.

“I think it was a very, very poorly played comment and I think this it was distasteful in a sense that as the leader of the team, the best player on the team, and arguably the best player of generation you have a responsibility to motivate appropriately,” says T.I.

“Kobe, by reputation, has been known to be outspoken. He’s been good enough and exceptional enough at what he does to enable himself to justify his statements. Even back when he questioned the manhood of players who take charges or flop,” T.I. stated.

“Certain people said ‘ok, Kob’. You are good enough and a well enough defender that we will take that from you. But this when you are going into one of the biggest games, an in-city rivalry, with a a team that is younger, faster, and statistically better than you this year; you can’t go in there giving them that much ammunition and showing that much weakness. That’s when you go out of a player and go into a leader of men.”

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Photo: ESPN