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Not even six months following the success of his fifth album, God Forgives, I Don’tRick Ross plans to slam 2013 with his sixth album called, Mastermind. 

A tweet? A press release? A simple announcement? Come on, you know Ross better than that. Rather than just simply let people know what the title of the album is, he released a full theatrical trailer to announced the title of the record.

Much like he did for his previous albums, Rick Ross never knows the meaning of overdoing it when it comes to marketing and promoting any part of his work. The trailer features Rozay living the usual lavish lifestyle he raps about and portrays in his music video while peering through vinyl covers of classic albums like Michael Jackson’Bad, Curtis Mayfield’s Super Fly, and Marvin Gaye’What’s Going On.

The best part of this video has to be the cameo from the baby mountain lion that went viral over the weekend. He also glosses over his magazine covers, gold plaques and many more in a lavish loft. Check out the trailer for Mastermind after the jump.


Photo: WSHH