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Saigon Rips Diddy On X, Blames Him For Hip-Hop's Downfall

Source: Paul Hawthorne / Getty / Saigon

Remember Saigon? Well, he isn’t biting his tongue in regards to the embattled Bad Boy CEO Diddy

Spotted on HipHopDX, Saigon hopped on X, formerly Twitter, to blame Diddy for ruining Hip-Hop and being responsible for the music genre’s now penchant for being all about money.

In his post, the rapper/actor wrote, “This negro Puffy flipped Hip-Hop culture into all about worshipping nothing but $$$… Thats why Im kinda glad they got his a** up outta here.”

He continued, “Go look at the content in Hip-Hop music before that ‘All About The Benjamins’ song … Creativity mattered.”

Damn, tell us how you really feel.

This is not the first time Saigon had something to say about Diddy. Immediately following Diddy being hit with rape and sexual assault accusations, the “Pain in My Life” rapper commented on the matter writing on X:

“Daaamn…. Who thinks Diddy Did It ???? I told myself years ago if fame and money comes with all this type of ish, they can KEEP it.”

“I stepped away from all this shit to raise my babies and I dont regret ONE second of it.”

Saigon Has No Love For Diddy

Saigon also called out the mogul for pushing alcohol in his music. Diddy is no longer in business with Diageo after the two companies settled their dispute, which led to parting ways with Ciroc and DeLeon Tequila.

“Nobody cares about your music career so now you’re pushing vodka… Ciroc Boys. Every popular rapper you go ‘hold on you need your marketing? We’ll pay for your marketing if you just promote this vodka.’

“Poison, shit that’s killing us and n-ggas do it that’s why Rick Ross is big. That’s why every Rick Ross video you see, before he even comes on you see a bottle of Ciroc pass by the screen.”

We wonder if he feels the same way about all of the other rappers whose names are attached to alcohol brands.