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Tammy Rivera and her estranged husband’s new boo had time for each other on social media.

After eight years of “marital bliss,” Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka split in 2022, and the rapper happily announced in January 2024 that he has moved on with a woman he calls Big Mel.

His soon-to-be ex-wife took to her Instagram Stories on Monday, March 11, to drop a post that some believe is a direct shot at the “No Hands” crafter’s new love interest.

The post read, “No one can ever make me jealous over a seat I had first. You wouldn’t be sitting there if I didn’t get up.”

Big Mel didn’t waste no time responding to Rivera’s shade, writing in her own post, “Being washed up and can’t let go of your past is type crazy,” with Diddy’s Bryson Tiller assisted track “Gotta Move On” playing. At the bottom of the post she added, “This is the one, cuz it’s giving jealous and bitter.”

But that wasn’t the end of the discourse.

Tammy Rivera Had Even More Time

When the IG blog The Neighborhood Talk picked up the back and forth between the two women, Tammy appeared in the comment section, claiming she wasn’t shading Big Mel at first but admitting she is now.

Per HipHopDX:

Man I’m just waking up it’s 9am over where I’m at [face palm emoji],” she began. “Waka we literally just talked about this last night (your morning).. Waka get her please for I hurt this lil girl feelings. Oh btw that post wasn’t even about him nor you but hit dogs holla. You f’king up your seat Shein Tammy.

A blog follower had something to say to Tammy, calling her behavior “embarrassing” and saying that she was making herself look like a sidekick. Rivera clapped back while also revealing that she and Waka Flocka are still married.

“Sweetie we talked cause our daughter and to be honest we still legally married so we have to talk cause we have business that has to be handled until them papers are signed! Grown ppl business.”

Waka’s mom and Tammy’s mother-in-law, Deb Antney, chimed in, adding, “Why are we doing this sh*t on the internet? We don’t do this sh*t.”

The Trump-loving rapper has yet to respond, and we highly doubt he will speak on the matter.