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There are lots of instances of people spewing racist hatred that don’t end in violence, but this isn’t one of those case. A British teenager had a verbal exchange with a woman that ended with her getting punched in the face.

Based on the grainy video, the woman and the male—a 19-year-old aspiring recording artist—got into an argument after he stepped on her foot. The boy claims to have been called a “smelly Nigerian,” and likens the woman to an escort. He also blasts her as racist, to which she responds. “My boyfriend’s f-cking Black!”

The teen then asks her if that means she’s Black. “No,” she replies. “He [my boyfriend] respects me.”

From there things continue to go down hill with the youngster questioning if the 28-year-old woman thinks she’s in America, where she can “move around with her lunatic antics.”

Just when it seems that things have died down, one last taunt about him being a thief and a bottle thrown in his directions leads to his breaking point. He launches more than a few blows at the woman’s’ face before being pulled away.

Watch the entire altercation below.

Photo: YouTube

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