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House Of The Dragon

Source: HBO / HBO

When Game of Thrones ended their riveting 8-year run with a lackluster and disappointing final season in 2019, many fans were skeptical of HBO’s planned prequel series, House of the Dragon as we were still salty about how things played out in the original adaptation to George R.R. Martin’s brainchild.

Interestingly enough the series not only surprised critics with an enticing and exciting storyline, but left fans wanting more after it’s debut in 2022, and more we shall get as HBO released it’s first teaser trailer for the second season to their newest hit show.

Picking up where season one left off, the new teaser trailer to House of the Dragon which asks fans to choose a side in the upcoming war between King Aegon’s Green Council and the Black Council which is that of Queen Rhaenyra. Though we have an idea of how this will end given that Game of Thrones takes place hundreds of years later and basically spelled out the events of this feud, we still can’t wait to see it play out before our very eyes as we’ve learned that drama and dragons go pretty well together.

To amp up the upcoming season, HBO dropped a few dueling trailers to get fans to choose a side (black or green) and we just know that if Wesley Snipes was here he’d say “Always bet on Black” but in this case, it’s kind of a tossup.

With that being said, when the hell is HBO gonna give us an update on that Jon Snow spinoff series that we were promised two years ago?? We desperately want to see what the OG King of The North is up to after killing his queen/lover/aunt, Daenerys Targaryen. Just sayin.’

Check out the trailers for House of the Dragon and let us know if you’re as amped as we are about the second season in the comments section below.