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Cam’Ron is making an honest woman out of his girlfriend? Say it ain’t so.

Well word is that Cam presented JuJu with an engagement ring worth $100K.

You can’t be a bachelor forever, so what else did you expect from Killa? [Note: Cam’Ron hasn’t confirmed this engagement and the source is Mediatakout, that is all] If you follow the Harlem rapper’s Twitter and/or Instagram then you have no doubt seen photos of his amply hipped and bootied wife to be.

That being said, we found it our duty to showcase shots of JuJu, who we admittedly know little about beyond these pics and her Twitter bio that reads, “Entrepreneur & overall business woman making power moves.” Also, she is officially licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm.

But hey, rappers have a right to a certain level of privacy, and not everyone needs to parade their significant others around all the damn time (see: Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa).

Check out pics of Cam’s wifey, who has an affinity for real small shorts and socks, in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram


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