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Dr. King’s message of non-violence clearly wasn’t felt by all.

Five people were shot just after a parade in New Orleans celebrating the civil rights leader’s legacy,this afternoon.

Officials revealed that the injuries sustained by the victims were not life-threatening, and happened at the intersection of La Salle Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

According to Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas a group of six teenage boys, or possibly young adults, were standing outside of a grocery store when a white sedan rolled up. Shots were fired from inside the vehicle, which is believed to be a Nissan or a Pontiac.

The shooting took place at around 1 p.m, 30 minutes after the celebration.

“It’s the state of affairs in our nation that young men do not heed the words of Martin Luther King Jr.,” Serpes, who was one of the responding officers on the scene, said. Serpess went on to state the the car sped off in the direction of the Mississippi River.

As it stands, the attack was not believed to be related to the MLK Day celebration.

Among Dr. King’s many ideals, was the concept of non-violence, and refusing to resort to physical attacks as a defense for, or in retaliation of , wrongdoing. “The choice is not between violence or non-violence but between nonviolence and nonexistence,” he was once quoted as saying.

Photo: Crooks & Liars