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Steve Harvey has taken his comedic talents to the world of daytime television, but the fast-talking funnyman was nearly rendered silent with emotion on his program last week. 

Turning 56 on January 17, a special taping of the Steve Harvey Show featured the host warning his producer and audience that he didn’t want any surprises on his big day. Luckily, his crew ignored his requests because it connected him with an old friend that helped him in his early days. After showing a split screen of Harvey and an older gentleman, the comedian known for his boisterous laugh was reduced to grown man sobs.

“This is Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida,” the man said onscreen. “Do you still love me, baby?”

Although it looked like the Think Like A Man author was set to launch into his typical routine, he began to cry as he finally responded to his friend. Harvey then explained the connection. Before making it as a comedian, Harvey owned a small carpet business and Liss and his partner gave him his first shot.

“I was 26 years old, struggling, I didn’t have nothing and these people owned a furniture store in Cleveland and these people took me in and gave me my first contract with my little carpet cleaning company,” shared Harvey. After starting his comedy career, Harvey didn’t have the money to travel so Liss gave him an account with his travel agency and he amassed a huge bill in the process.

Although there wasn’t a dry eye in the studio audience, Harvey didn’t let the moment go by without cracking wise.  “I got money now, Rich!” said Harvey, who then invited Liss and his partner Becky to the program in Chicago.

Excuse us. We have a little something in our eye now.

Check out the emotional reunion between Steve Harvey and Rich Liss below.

Photo: YouTube