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B.G. aka Christopher Noel Dorsey

It hasn’t even been a year since OG Hot Boy, B.G., was released from prison after serving 11 years.  However, the Ca$h Money rapper is facing the possibility of being thrown back in the bing for allegedly violating his probation.

According to the Guardian, B.G. might’ve run afoul of the law as he performed alongside other entertainers on stage without the permission of authorities. Huh?!? They can’t be serious. Apparently that “erroneous” act of defiance is enough to land BG back in the clink as a judge is weighing whether or not to punish the “Bling Bling” rapper for violating his probation.

Part of B.G.’s probation is that he “obtain prior written approval … before entering self-employment” and refrain from associating with anyone who has prior felony convictions. Being that he performed alongside the likes of Lil Boosie and Gucci Mane (y’all know their history) without getting approval first, a federal probation officer wrote him up and Baby Gangsta now finds himself at the mercy of the court.

The Guardian reports:

Dorsey’s probation officer described asking the musician about his employment choices as well as telling him that he needed to find other work. According to the officer, Dorsey’s response was: “I’m a rapper. That [is] my profession.”

The officer applied for a warrant to arrest Dorsey on 21 March, saying he had violated multiple conditions of his supervised release. US district judge Susie Morgan of New Orleans, where Dorsey had been prosecuted when first imprisoned, signed off on it a day later, according to records.

Dorsey was arrested in Las Vegas and appeared in a federal courthouse there on Wednesday. After being ordered released on his own recognizance, he was told to appear in federal court in New Orleans as required while officials deliberate whether or not to revoke his supervised release and reincarcerate him. Subsequent court dates were not immediately available.

B.G.’s PO is out here hating big time. Just sayin’.

Hopefully, B.G. isn’t punished for being a rap artist in a music game where many of his peers have had their run-ins with the law as he’s only performing alongside them and not participating in some street ish.

What do y’all think of B.G.’s situation? Fair or nah? Let us know in the comments section below.

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