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Nick Minaj and Mariah Carey keep on fighting, and viewers aren’t really that interested. One week after its season 12 premiere put up the lowest ratings in the show’s history, Idol continues to experience a drop in viewership.

The first show of week two aired Wednesday (Jan. 23) with the group hitting Baton Rouge, La. hometown of Idol judge, Randy Jackson. Tuesday’s episode grabbed 15.53 million viewers, a 6 percent drop from the week before.

Minaj and Carey’s on-going feud hit a boiling point with the Young Money Rapper storming off set during the episode. After Carey and Jackson passive aggressively mocked her mini-tantrum, the 30-year-old was heard telling the songbird to “Shut the f-ck up.”

Numbers from the next night didn’t fare much better. Last night’s episode was watched by 15.3 million people, easily allowing Fox to win Thursday, due in part to re-runs aired on its competitor CBS.  Fox averaged 11.2 million viewers for the night to take first place, with CBS grabbing the second spot.

Carey and Minaj once collaborated on a song together but are like oil and water on the judging panel. Given their incessant arguing, the Queens native is worried about what will happen during the live shows, telling talk show host Ellen Degeneres that she “doesn’t trust herself.”