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Let us set the scene for you. During a timeout of the Miami Heat/Detroit Pistons game, Fifty-year-old computer technician Michael Drysch from McHenry, Ill. was chosen to shoot a hook shot from half-court at a chance to win $75,000. 

What happened afterwards was just completely awesome. The odds of making this trick shot in front of 20,000 people is truly one of the most difficult and nearly impossible shots to hit in all of basketball.

But there was Drysch, with one hand on a basketball from half court and took his hook shot heave towards the basket only to have it hit nothing but net to an eruption at the American Airlines Arena.

Drysch was elated, but nobody could’ve been more excited to see him hit the shot than LeBron James himself. The three-time NBA MVP ran towards the fan at halfcourt and hug tackled the guy like they both had just won an NBA Championship. It was one of those “sports is kind of awesome” moments that happens every once in a while.

“When he wound up I was like, ‘Oh no, there’s no way,'” James said after the game. “When it dropped, that was awesome. I would have probably air-balled that one in that situation.”

“That was crazy,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade said. “The place erupted. It was like it was when we won the finals.”

What makes it funnier is that Spolestra was in the middle of drawing up a play when James sprinted out to celebrate.

“I heard the eruption, and I turned and I saw LeBron absolutely tackle him,” Spoelstra said.

“I had no idea what was going on. That fan, while he’ll love the $75,000, having that on video — LeBron James tackling you at half court in front of 20,000 — I think will be the longer-lasting memory.”

[Spotted at The Sporting News]

Photo: SBNation