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With another episode of Love & Hip-Hop in the can, Consequence delivers the second installment of his ConsTV Tuesdays series. This time fans receive a soulful gem titled “Scared of Commitment,” co-starring Sacramento MC Chuuwee and Killer Mike. Listeners get just what the title implies here, as the three lyricists explain why they aren’t quite ready to settle down with a that special someone.

At least the track’s jazzy horn loop softens the blow for Cons and company to break the bad news to their respective belles. With that said, pay homage to The Produce Section for their efforts on the beat. According to the rapper’s Soundcloud account, “the song title plays right into Cons & Jen’s storyline perfectly.” Not sure what that means, though.

Avid followers of Love & Hip-Hop will also recall that this is the track the Queens lyricist was going to record with Olivia and Erica Mena. Upon hearing the final product, it’s a blessing that didn’t happen.

If you didn’t know, Consequence will premier a new track every Tuesday following the airing VH1′s Love & Hip Hop episodes on Monday nights. Click here for the inaugural tune from ConsTV Tuesdays.

Hear “Scared of Commitment” below.

Photo: Mel D. Cole