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When Gucci Mane isn’t shaping the minds of the Georgia youth, he’s doing his usual 1-2 thing as a rapper. 

La Flare taps Wiz Khalifa and his Brick Squad Monopolist Waka Flocka Flame for his new jam, “Nothin On Ya.” Wiz Khalifa and Waka Flocka Flame seemed to have problems with each other once upon a time over who puffs the most herbal (seriously), and from these photos it looks like that they were kept away from each other at the shoot.

The way that most songs are made now, it’s also a safe bet to assume that the two were not in the studio together when the song was made. The one thing that can separate two people arguing about the cheeba seems to be more cheeba as this spacey tune brings all of the involved partied back together.

This Gabriel Hart-directed video should be on the way sooner rather than later, but until then these exclusive behind the scenes video courtesy of Complex should be good enough to hold you over until it is released. 

Get a look at the behind the scenes of “Nothin On Ya” down after the jump.

Photo: Vlex

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