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Over the years, the media, movies and music have desensitized the public to the deadly consequences of gun violence. But trust and believe, gun play is no joke, and we ain’t talking about the MMG artist. When bullets start flying for whatever reason, no good can come of the situation.

These artists  rarely get a pass in instances where someone who is really about that life feels like they have a score to settle with them. Sometimes, rappers, who frequently label themselves as untouchable, floss gaudy fake diamonds and walk around with wads of money find themselves drawing the ire of people with itchy trigger fingers, warranted or not. We’ve seen it dozens of times before with the deaths of rappers who were felled by gun violence.

In many of those situations, as in the unsolved murders of The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac (who we didn’t include in this list), if it comes down to pistol play, drive-by shootings are the strategy of choice.

Here are 10 rappers who have been the victims of mobile shooters…

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