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The plight of Chicago has been well documented. But with young faces like Chief Keef at the forefront of negative press, we as consumers of content sometimes forget that the subjects of criticism are just kids. Luckily, this interview with Young Chop courtesy will restore some of the humanity that often goes neglected in the Chi.

During a sit down with The Fader TV, the producer reveals a noticeably jovial attitude, and is simply excited to be in the limelight. Sitting at just under three minutes, the conversation covers a range of topics including the importance of a good laugh in the studio, how he draws inspiration for his sound and reacting to newfound fame in his hometown.

When asked what distinguishes his sound, Young Chop responded, “It’s like poppy sounds, like more like melodic. I’ll use one of those sounds and just make it so grimey. And the people was just like ‘God!'”

He continued, “Just blend it in with the south, the east, the west; just blending everything in and just making it sound like your own, and just making it look different.”

The animated, yet critically acclaimed producer kept the onomatopoeias coming, as he described how his sense of humor helps his collaborative process.

“You want to just enjoy life. I’m gonna enjoy mine. I’m gonna make a beat and I’m gonna goof off,” said Chop. “I bring the goofiness out of Chief Keef, ’cause I am a goof ball. ‘Cause when I come around, I’m just the life of the party and that just make them get out they chairs. All that hard stuff, it’s not gonna fly with me.”

See the full interview below.

Photo: YouTube