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G. Dep is wasting no time speaking about his murder confession following his release.

G. Dep sat down with The Art of Dialogue for his first interview since his release earlier this month, touching on why he confessed to the crime almost 20 years after he committed it.

The rapper signed to embattled music mogul Sean P. Diddy Combs’ Bad Boy Records label in the ’90s and finally gained some notoriety for his 2001 hit record “Special Delivery.”

He attempted to rob a man at gunpoint in 1993 but, during a scuffle, shot and killed John Henkel, and that crime went unsolved until 2010 when the rapper, born Trevell Coleman, confessed to the murder, leading to his 15 years to life prison sentence.

Now, 49, he is a free man after Governor Kathy Hochul granted him clemency and is speaking on that faithful day when his life was forever changed.

Per HipHopDX:

In his first interview since regaining his freedom, G. Dep spoke to The Art of Dialogue about why he confessed to the crime long after it happened.

“In order to restore balance to my life and someone’s family, I wanted to turn myself in and see what happened,” he said. “I was willing to put myself on the line, whether or not he passed on. I just needed to get that off my mind.”

G. Dep continued: “I did the right thing.”

G. Dep Says He Has No Regrets About His Confession

During the interview, G. Dep also denied having any regrets about his decision to turn himself in, even though he was never considered a suspect in the case initially.

While Dep is opening up about his confession and his time behind bars, his former boss is potentially looking at a long prison stint, being that he is the subject of an ongoing federal investigation that he was involved in sex trafficking. 

You can watch the entire interview below.