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Lil Durk and Wiz Khalifa drop a new record called, you guessed it, “Molly Girl.” That’s right, another song about the purest form of ecstasy. 

Even though this is a very catchy song from the Chicago rapper and the platinum-selling Pittsburgh artist, now would be a good time to tell you about the dangers of Molly.

Molly, also known as MDMA, can produce elevated heart rates and distortion of thought processes, causing users not to realize their rising body temperature or fading stamina as they continue to party according to a CNN study.

Combining MDMA with alcohol or other drugs can also be the cause of its more serious side effects. Although “Molly” is a stage one drug, taking it in increased doses can have side effects ranging from dehydration (Woo!) and exhaustion to more severe side effects such as hyperthermia, seizures, electrolyte abnormalities, cardiac episodes and comas.

So before you listen to this catchy song, make sure you know exactly what you are getting into.

Check out Lil Durk and Wiz Khalifa’s “Molly Girl” after the jump.

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