Lloyd is on the verge of bringing his name back to the forefront of the R&B scene in 2010. The soulful crooner from Atlanta has a promising year ahead of him complete with new music, new production and new affiliations. Tongues have been wagging for months that the ex-Murder Inc. signee had found a new home under Lil Wayne’s Young Money emblem after a speedy departure from Omarion.

Not only did Lloyd replace O on tracks like the group’s current single “Bedrock” but his recent EP is saturated with features from Young Money artists including Nicki Minaj and YM President, Mack Maine. Seeking answers, HipHopWired had a chance to catch up with Lloyd to clarify his ties to Wayne’s home team.

In a recent interview Wayne referred to Young Goldie as a “friend of Young Money.” When HipHopWired asked Lloyd what he thought the Young Money founder meant by that he coyly replied,

“I believe that a friend is there for you in a time of need, it’s someone who always looks at the brighter side of things makes the best of out any situation and it’s someone who you can count on to be there for you. I hope that’s what he meant when he said that.”

Skipping to the point, HipHopWired made sure to ask him the looming question, “Is he or isn’t he in line to take the R&B singer spot on Young Money?”

Remaining light on details he simply responded with a smile,

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

In other words, yes but in due time.

Moving past his forthcoming new home, Lloyd spoke on his recent release, Like Me: The Young Goldie EP.The 8 track compilation hit his Young Goldie blog December 14 offering fans a chance to hear his new music while still reflecting on the signature style and sound that’s made him famous.

According to Lloyd, he specifically kept the tracks to a minimum only pumping out songs that “felt good.”

“Those 8 songs were compiled over the past six months and I chose those songs because they were personal, they were songs that meant a lot, they came from a good place and I kind of decided to lean more towards young producers, newcomers, because I can feel the energy that they were hungry. It’s not rocket science, it’s just a feeling and if it feels good you go with it. Those songs kind of just filled themselves up.”

Be on the lookout for HipHopWired’s full interview with Lloyd as he reflects on Lil Wayne’s impending jail sentence, patching up his relationship with Ciara after being quoted as calling her a “hollywood bi*ch” and what he’s bringing to the table in 2010.

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