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Sen. Marco Rubio was so thirsty during his response to the president’s State of the Union speech, that he couldn’t help but take a sip of a tiny bottle of Poland Springs water on live TV. After getting made fun of for the move, the Miami native has turned his blunder into a profitable money-raising scheme.

Rubio and his political action committee, Reclaim America PAC, raised over $100,000 by selling water bottles baring his name. The promotion launched last week, an encourages supporter to give at least $25 to be rewarded with the bottle. “If you donate $25 or more today, we’ll send you a Marco Rubio water bottle,” reads a message posted on the site.“Send the liberal detractors a message that not only does Marco Rubio inspire you…he hydrates you too.”

According to the site Rubio’s 2009 Senate win was part of a national uprising of sorts. A statement on the site details the victory as one of many all over the country where elected officials “stand up to the direction that Barack Obama and the Democrats were taking the country, and to offer in its place a clear alternative.”

See an image of the water bottle below.


Photo: NYDN/Pac

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