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J. Cole’s lead single from his sophomore album, Born Sinner is “Power Trip” featuring Miguel. After burning up the net upon it’s release, Light-Skinned Jermaine revealed to MTV about trying radio trajectory with the song. 

“That’s the most exciting part about that song and the reason why we went with it is because it sounds like nothing that’s out. And it was between that and this other record that is maybe a bigger record…but ‘Power Trip’ had that newer sound,” said Cole to MTV. “They both have a new sound but ‘Power Trip’ you absolutely couldn’t point to anything on the radio and be like ‘oh, this sounds like that.'”

“Everything about it, from the beat to even the way I’m flowing,” continued Cole. “You never really heard me rap so sleepily. I really did those verses in my crib and just loved the way they felt.”

Cole also went on to compare the song to a classic pop song from nearly a decade ago. “It’s almost like the first time I heard ‘Cry Me a River,’ Justin Timberlake. The minute that came on … It hit you a certain kinda way. That was the exciting part.”

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Photo: MTV