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When Three Six Mafia was known as Triple Six Mafia, they carried a dark and haunting sound that accompanied their music when they first emerged into the Hip Hop scene back in 1995 with their debut album Mystic Stylez.

Before Eminem returned with Relapse, group from Tennessee were known as representatives for horror core in their rap music.

Times have changed and as a result, the group has done the same.  Down to Juicy J and DJ Paul, a changing market has made it necessary for the duo to find a change in their overall sounds to appeal to a newer crowd.

Catching up with the duo was able to speak on adapting to a new environment and establishing production that will leave them well received by the mainstream public.

We’ve done a few changes, we did a few changes because times change, people’s ears change. “Lolli Lolli”, that was really different for us but it sold over 2,000,000 digital downloads, it actually put us on an international level, we’ve been doing stuff overseas, we’ve been to Germany twice, we’ve been to Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, we got a lot of other shows coming up overseas.”

Juicy J added that their new sound isn’t meant to water down what people most know them for as they still plan to feed their hardcore fans that have been around since before the Academy Award.  Overall, money from all sides is better than just one.

It put us on an international level but we still got our underground stuff, our underground CDs for our fan base, so it’s really like we expanded. And we look at it like, it’s like we get a check from the underground and get a check form the mainstream and the pop side to as well, we just trying to get money across the board.

Still embracing their newfound fame, they maintain their hustle and know that they have to go even harder now that they have reached a higher platform in their career.

Everything is changing we got a lot of doors opened for us, still just doing what we do, still putting out underground albums, we still got a lot of major stuff coming out. Still hustling man, can’t stop.

In order to achieve and maintain success, it is necessary to make some changes in the usual and create an updated blueprint.  For Three Six, the transition has only created an outlet for even more opportunity so who can argue with that?