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Lupe Fiasco graced the Washington Metro area with his presence once more, performing last night (Feb. 27) at a Maryland venue in the shadows of the Nation’s Capital.  While onstage, the outspoken MC didn’t channel his recent Inauguration weekend antics, but did get a few other things off his chest. 

First shared by the Fiasco dedicated Lupend blog, video grabbed by fans showed the Windy City star rocking out at the Fillmore. Pulling a page from fellow Chicago native Kanye West’s handbook, the dreadlocked rapper passionately voiced a variety of concerns while the patient crowd egged him on.

“It be killin’ me when motherf-ckers talk all that ‘man, streets is so f-cked up, all these young dudes is shootin’ at each other, all these young girls runnin’ around reckless’ and all this crazy sh-t. And it be them same motherf-ckers that go on their radio stations and play the motherf-ckin’ songs that [inaudible]. Motherf-ckers sit on their corners saying ‘aw man sh-t is f-cked up’ then they turn up the same sh-t that motherf-ckers in the street and ain’t got no problem ridin’ to it. The sh-t just irks me like, damn I can’t even speak on the sh-t no more. And it’s so ridiculous ‘cause we do it to our f-ckin’ selves.”

Fiasco’s moment was met with a ton of applause, and the anti-radio sentiment was especially interesting considering local station WPGC hosted the event and draped their banner on the backdrop of the stage. It’d be curious to know what the hosts thought of Lupe’s latest rant.

Check out video of the anti-radio rant below. On the next page, Lupe makes an interesting declaration in the name of peace and prosperity, although replete with profanity.

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