As some people feel that the pursuit of happiness includes achieving fame and fortune, others that have reached such a point know the sacrifices and trials that occur on the climb to such a success.

For Mutah Beale, formerly known as Napolean from Tupac’s rap group the Outlwaz, his experience within the music industry has shown him with high points, successful album sales, and low points, participating in shoot outs and club fights.

Still standing and able to speak on everything, the former rapper looks to present the documentary Napolean: Life Of An Outlaw chronicling his life from the start line to now.

His story will also be told by others such as Tupac’s brother, Mopreme Shakur, record producer Mikal Kamil, his brother Mooney, Freeway and Amir “Loon” Muhadith who give their own personal accounts of Beale.

Also featured on the documentary is actor/comedian Mike Epps, who was the producer for the upcoming project.

“I was three years old when my mother and father got murdered.  After the murder of my parents, me and my brothers, we was in the house with the dead bodies for 24 hours and I remember as a kid biting my mother, trying to wake her up.”

Rapping street stories of things that he witnessed around his environment, a chance meeting with Pac landed him with the rapper.

Riding alongside 2Pac, Beale was able to embrace the finer things in life, but all things that go up must come down as the murder of the rapper completely changed the life of the Outlaw.

Stepping outside of the rap game, a discussion with Kamil led to his conversion to Islam and 2002 and he now serves as a motivational speaker.

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