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A rapper’s best gift is their ability to paint vivid pictures with words. Arguably, their talent to describe things are usually at their peak when they are talking about food.

For some reason, when rappers get to talking about a plate of food the metaphors usually jump up a level. It’s for this reason, we think we are able to pin point some of your favorite artists favorite dishes.

In borrow the immortal words of TDE’s Schoolboy Q, you don’t want to have to look yourself in the mirror and, “I ain’t eatin.” Clearly everyone on this list is eating (with the exception of one. We’ll let you guess who that is), and they want to let you know exactly how well they are.

Ranging from Jay-Z’s addiction to Nobu, Diddy’s affinity for fettuccine and veal and Action Bronson’s love for…everything; check out a pretty educated guess at your favorite rapper’s favorite food.

If the ribs are touching, don’t wait and hit the jump.

Photo: Twitter

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