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Yesterday evening, Kanye West broke his no press policy when he spoke to DJ Enuff about the controversial MTV’s Hottest MC In The Game list. 

Aside from speaking about his disdain with his rank on the list, Yeezy dropped a nugget of information pertaining to giving Sway Calloway of MTV his first television.

Today on Sway In The Morning on Shade 45, the host defended the list as well as the claims that Kanye bought his first television set.

“These are people who work every single day. They write these stories for all of these artists. We interview these artists, we find these artists before the even blow up and we help push culture forward. So we do this every year and it is a little controversial but it is based on a lot of criteria,” Sway said on his morning show.

“I created the whole concept. I thought at the time it wouldn’t be right for me to vote for this very reason,” the MTV mainstay added. “I’ve been so apart of a lot of different careers including Kanye, I know people can get real emotional because of the position I’ve been able to maintain.”

Sway went on to announce that MTV Rap Fix was moving to the MTV Jams channel starting today and will be aired live at 4pm EST.

“That very TV, today, I still have that TV he’s talking about. Yeah, but there is a lot about this story that Kanye West didn’t reveal,” the host said staunchly. “There’s more to the story ladies and gentlemen. Typically I don’t bring stuff to the surface, I protect relationships. Today I will bring that very TV that Kanye West is talking about to RapFix. I will sit it on the set and let that TV co-host the show with me.”

Listen to the full audio down below.

Photo: ZImbio