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NBA All-Star and fashion icon, Russell Westbrook, covers the latest issue of Complex Magazine.

Westbrook has made as many headlines on the court for his elite play as he has off the court for his unique style choices. The point guard for the reigning Western Conference champions the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Jordan Brand athlete is undoubtedly the most stylish player in the league.

Russell’s fashion exploits have made him an easy target on sports talk shows but as Complex found out in the magazine’s cover story, he doesn’t mind what others think of him. “If you think about what other people say, then you have a problem,” Westbrook tells Complex. “When it comes to dressing up, a lot of people are worried what others think. You just gotta go with it.” He’s also quick to point out that he wasn’t always the fashonista that he is now and that his growth spurt helped his style.

Via Complex:

When Russell Westbrook and his best friend, Khelcey Barrs III, made Leuzinger High School’s varsity team in their freshman year, Russell was only 5-foot-8 and 140 lbs., with huge hands and feet that he hadn’t grown into. Then in his junior year, Westbrook sprouted.

“My body caught up with me,” he says with a laugh. “I grew into my body, and I had a little bit of muscle.” The growth spurt also helped his style. “I was able to fit into stuff easier,” he says. “When you’re small and skinny, clothes look extra big on you.”

Back in those days, Westbrook was far from a clotheshorse. “I was wearing XXXXL T-shirts; I’m barely even a large these days,” he says. “I used to wear a lot of FUBU stuff, Ecko, Phat Farm.”

Check out the full cover story here, and check out photos from the shoot down below.

Photos: Complex

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