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Rarely do we see a reality star getting shine for actually being nice–well at least not on VH1 anyway. That unspoken rule was broken thanks to the addition of Love & Hip Hop New York’s cast member Lore’l.

Unlike the others, Lore’l doesn’t have much drama (that we know about). She’s not in a weird love triangle, she didn’t let her cast mate’s dude smash (again, that we know about), only to get confronted about it on camera. Lore’l is more of a simple character. She’s an aspiring rapper who just happens to be friends with people who may not have her best interest at heart (two words: Winter Ramos), and often finds herself in one awkward situation after another.

Early in the season, a fight with Erica Mena showed Lore’l’s passive side. She’s the type that can get her point across without yelling, so you can’t help but root for her. Even while dropping passionate thug tears in front her manager, Angela Yee, she maintained most of her composure, and didn’t get up and throw a drink as is common practice when the cameras are rolling.  That takes skill.

Of all the women on LHHNY Lore’l is interesting because the editing doesn’t make her look like she’s willing to do anything to be noticed. With that said, we’ve finally noticed her, so take at look at 10 things to know about Lore’l below.

Photos: Instagram

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