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A Virginia man is slated to appear in court this summer after attempting to sacrifice a friend in hopes of joining the mysterious Illuminati, a move he thought would jump-start his floundering rap hopes. Last week in Henrico County, a judge scheduled a two-day trial for 27-year old Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin to begin on June 26, for his bizarre act.

The Richmond Times Dispatch reported that El-Amin shot at his friend last December inside a home that was to become a recording studio. Aiming his firearm at the friend, El-Amin reportedly uttered the words “you are my sacrifice” before firing the gun. The man was shot in the hand as pieces of bone ricocheted into his eye, but he was able to wrestle the gun from El-Amin and shot him in the abdomen, before running off.

El-Amin overindulged in drugs that evening, and was so under the influence that he couldn’t recall the events that took place. Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas L. Johnson said in court that his office plans to reveal the connection between Hip-Hop culture and the secret society of the Illuminati.  Investigators on the scene, found a pound of chronic and literature that tied success in the music industry with the Illuminati. There was also mention of a book linking rapper 50 Cent to the mystical group.

El-Amin, a Richmond native, had no criminal record prior to this incident. The friend, who fired the retaliatory shot was not charged.

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Photo: Henrico County Police

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