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Last night, thanks to LeBron James, Celtics guard Jason Terry did his best Brandon Knight impersonation. Basically, as King James elevated for an alley-oop slam, The Jet became a hapless victim.

But, was this merely revenge on LeBron James’ part? Back in 2011, Jason Terry was a member of the Dallas Mavericks and he gave James and the Miami Heat the drugs (Note: that’s basketball vernacular for “great play, buddy”) multiple times. But last night, James got his payback in a major way. [Full Disclosure: The writer of this story is a Celtics fan and off g.p. feels an offensive foul should have been called. Reaching? Maybe. Nevertheless, #Celtics.]

See for yourself in the video below.

So was James’ play professional or personal? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo: NBA