Talicia Kiavonna Morrison fights dirty—very dirty. The 20-year-old Texas resident gauged out another woman’s eye during a fight, last weekend.

Police in Austin arrested Morrison for using her fingernail to pluck her opponent, Cherry Webster’s, eyeball out of its socket. “They were acquaintances,” Austin Police Officer Veneza Bremmer told the New York Daily News.  “I’m sure it was some sort of drama that was occurring.”

Webster called 911 after the altercation. Once police arrived to the scene, she detailed how Morrison “grabbed her eye and ‘drug her fingers up in there’ which caused the eyeball to come out of its socket.”

Morrison fled the fight scene by car, but Webster was able to provide authorities with a vehicle description, which led to her arrest. She was brought in for questioning, at which point she owned up to fighting Webster, but didn’t know about the status of her eyeball. “She admitted to getting in the altercation but didn’t know the damage that she had caused in the fight,” Bremmer explained. “Anything can be used as a weapon. In this case it was her hand—it was her fingernail.”

Webster was taken to a local hospital, she will not face any charges for her role in the fight. “She is the victim in this case,” Bremmer continued. “They placed the eye back in her socket and there will be a follow-up to see if there is any other damage.”

Morrison faces a charge of second degree felony of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury. Her bail is set at $70,000.

Photo: Austin Police Dept.

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