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Raekwon is back with another banger.  Riding high off the success of the last year’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 2, The Chef has linked up with DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Scream for the “Coke Up In A Dollar Bill” Mixtape.  Keeping the streets flooded, Raekwon also spoke with Hip-Hop Wired about the upcoming collaboration album with his Wu-Tang brothers Ghostface and Method Man.

“It’s going to come out early February.  Things can always change any second but that’s what I heard in February. It’s going to be a great album, you already our personalities on wax, you know we gonna give you 100 percent Hip-Hop of course.  All I can say is it’s something to add on to the Wu-Tang dynasty.  We always keep letting everybody know that we’re still here for a reason and we able to still continue to blend with the times of today but still make great music.  It’s all about work. I’m looking at it like I’m an athlete.   I got to go to work every day… I got to keep practicing my rhymes and keep making people look at me and be impressed.

It’s just keeping the movement popping.  It’s about keep the “W” in the air.  That “W” is powerful.  It’s gonna be on Def Jam.  It’s going to actually give them brothers a great space of where they need to be at on that side of the plate.   I always wanted to be independent but I’m in it for their purposes.   Whatever makes them happy.  If it helps them add on to one of their collector’s items over there, I’m all in it.  Rae right here man.”

Raekwon also weighed in on the ripples going on between Jay-Z and 50 Cent as they continue to send jabs to one another.  Having had his fair share of beefs last year, The Chef added,

“That’s their thing but it’s like at the end of the day them brothers got a love-hate relationship.  They both respects each other’s wills and each other’s situations in life but I think it’s just competition with a lot of ego involved with it.   I really don’t know maybe it’s a personal one, maybe it’s not.  Maybe it’s you fronting, he fronting or whatever and that’s something that they got to go through.  If it’s good for the young cats to see it and look at it as a main event then hey, let it be. 

For me it ain’t nothing because I’m sure ain’t nobody trying to hurt nobody because real beef is beef.  Beef is when you throw holes through a ni**a or you’re at a ni$@a’s door and I know that they both not in search of that.  You got two good brothers that probably just don’t understand each other.”

As Raekwon continues to make his name ring bells throughout 2010 as well, download the “Coke Up In A Dollar Bill” Mixtape here. The project also features AZ,  Busta Rhymes and Crooked I.  Here’s the track listing as well:

1.   Happy New Year (feat. ODB)

2.   Coke Up In Da Dollar Bill

3.   I Wanna Rock

4.   Blood Missles (feat. AZ)

5.   History

6.   Trenchman

7.   The Set Up

8.   Real Talk

9.   Stick Up Muzik (feat. Busta Rhymes & Uncle Murda)

10.  Yessir (feat. Ghostface & Crooked I)

11.  Crime Wave

12.  Heat Rocks