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VH1’s new reality series, The Gossip Game, documents the hustle of a select group of NYC area female radio personalities, journalists and bloggers. From the looks of the supertrailer, beef due to real or perceived slights will be a hallmark of this new show.

The cast of the show is Power 105.1’s Angela Yee, Hot 97’s K. Foxx, The Source magazine’s Kim Osorio , Global Grind’s Sharon Carpenter,  freelance writer Jas Fly and bloggers Ms. Drama and Vivian Billings. The lines are already being drawn in the sand, though.

“Don’t get it twisted, there is definitely a pecking order in Hip-Hop media,” says Osorio Editor-in-Chief of The Source. “At the top of the ladder are the TV and radio personalities like Angela Yee, K. Foxx and Sharon Carpenter. In the middle are the up and coming print journalists like JasFly, and at the bottom are the online bloggers like Ms. Drama and Vivian.”

Well damn.

But one of the most most ratchet moments in this trailer comes courtesy of Star of Star & Bucwild fame who asks Billings during an interview, “Did you feel like your kitty was being pursued?” surely s-xual harassment will be another consistent show topic.

The Gossip Game premieres Monday, April 1 on VH1 at 9 p.m. ET. Watch the supertrailer featuring some yelling, screaming and immense amounts of shade throwing below.

Photo: VH1