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Jigga really needs to do a better job of returning phone calls. Paul Anka is pissed off at Jay-Z with the singer/songwriter alleging that the Brooklyn rapper inappropriately snubbed him. 

Last night, TMZ caught up with Anka outside Madeo restaurant in Los Angeles. Anka—whose song “My Way” was sampled by Jay-Z on “I Did It My Way” from his The Blueprint 2 album—detailed the creation of some of the features on his forthcoming Duets album, including a song with the late Michael Jackson. There are no rappers on the project, though not because Anka didn’t try to land at least one BK MC.

“No rappers, though I thought about it. But I really didn’t know which of my songs would land,” said Anka. “What I did  do, is I called up Jay-Z. He did a track with ‘My Way’ where I loaned him a track. I wanted to put him in on a rap with Michael Jackson, in the middle, I called him up, but Jay-Z has totally blown me off. He won’t answer my calls. He’s inappropriate in his behavior. Huh! I love his wife, I think she’s great. But Jay-Z wouldn’t return the call.”

Anka parted with a final shot after the interviewer expressed disbelief. “He’s too busy with his clothing line, who knows.”


Another person that is probably in agreement with Anka is actor Robert De Niro. Last year, the Academy Award winning actor allegedly read Jay-Z the riot act when they cross paths at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party. DeNiro told the “What More Can I Say?” rapper he was “rude” and “disrespectful” for not returning his phone call.

One more person of well regard saying Jay-Z curved them and this will be a full blown trend. Watch Anka explain his plight in the video below.

Photo: TMZ