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If Gucci Mane really did what he is recently accused of doing, servicing two fans with the fade for simply being fans, Big Guwop is really wildin.’ So, what else is new? Since he became a mainstream name Radric Davis has seemed to make bad decision after bad record decision, more often than not landing himself in the Fulton County Jail.

Here’s a small recap: He’s gotten locked up for dealing out a fade of the pool stick variety, been arrested for driving on the wrong side of the street and sat in a cell for throwing a woman out of a moving vehicle. Oh, and the dude has a huge ice cream cone tattooed on his face…with a lightning bolt on it. There’s an additional litany of head scratching moments. At this point we really aren’t surprised by his antics anymore. The only thing we would like to know is, why (queue Jadakiss single)? So, we came up with our own eight reasons that may get to the root of his recent dust-ups. Oh yeah, La Flare was denied bond, too.

Here are eight possible explanations as to why Gucci is, allegedly, blacking out on fans…

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