The dichotomy of the TDE clique is one of the main contributing factors to their success. Kendrick Lamar’s common man sensibilities drove GKMC towards platinum status, and now the Los Angeles label follows up with the more street savvy ScHoolboy Q. The “Hands On The Wheel” rapper recently sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss his forthcoming album OxyMoron, hating the industry, adapting to having money, his experience being a Hoover Crip and more.

Despite his current success, the real Puffy admits that he didn’t start rapping until 2007, and he was paying for studio time until TDE’s engineer Ali introduced him to company president Punch. “He brought me over there. I rapped for Punch one time. He told me to come back,” said Q, who only expected free studio time. “Next thing I know, they had a contract in front of me. I’m like, ‘I ain’t got no lawyer or nothing. Whatever.'”

The wheels have been rolling ever since, and the “Hands On the Wheel” rapper has steadily ascended from being K. Dot’s hype man to becoming one of the game’s most respected rising artists.

Now, he hopes to drop an album that’s either better or comparable to the Compton MC’s good kid, m.A.A.d. City. “I’m glad his album did what it did, and how people loved it because now it makes me have to drop something either better or just as good,” said Q.

“What I look like putting out a album that was alright after GKMC, and everybody done gave it these high rating. I’d look so stupid. I’m trying to kill my career right there, you know? So I’m just taking my time and making sure it’s right, which it is coming out right and it’s almost done.”

ScHoolboy Quincy recently dropped “Yay Yay,” a catchy jam that will be the first offering from his major label debut. Be sure to check that out, and see his full interview with The Breakfast Club below.

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