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Great things take time, but when the product is finally delivered it should be flawless and well worth the wait.

According to Fabolous, this is the case for his overdue mixtape with DJ Drama, There Is No Competition Pt. 2: Funeral Service, which still hasn’t dropped.

Originally slated to be a Christmas gift for the fans, Drama was unable to deliver on his end and the date was pushed back to bring in the New Year, but the calendar clearly reads January 5 and there is still no tape to be found.

In order to calm the nerves of the fans that are growing impatient with the project, Fab took to his second home of Twitter in order to give an update and assure fans that it is still on the way, but everything must be perfected before being given to the masses.

“It took God 6 days 2 create the heavens & the Earth.. Took 300 million yrs 2 make the Grand Canyon..,” he wrote Monday (January 4). “Takes 9 months 2 birth a baby, but u get a bundle of joy.. So hav patience 4 the mixtape. #TiNc2 will b the baby jesus of mixtapes!”

While all that is fine with making sure that all wrinkles are ironed out, at the end of the day, it’s a mixtape.  The purpose of the mixtape is to provide something for the listeners to sit on and enjoy as they await the next official album.

The way Fab is building hype surrounding the delayed project, this mixtape better be playing on the iPod until Loso’s Way 2 comes out.

So, as it pertains to when Hip Hop should expect the tape, only the rapper and Drama know that fact for certain, but be ready for baby Jesus to arrive.  Smh.

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