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The Game is doing the best to insure his karma stays on the up and up. La La Anthony, Carmelo Anthony’s wife, credits the Compton MC with helping her lose 15 pounds. Also, yesterday the “Hate It Or Love It” rapper tipped his waiter a whopping $6,000, in cash.

Regarding Anthony, she dropped the weight after joining the Game’s “60 Days Of Fitness” regimen. “It’s 60 days straight of working out and eating well,” Anthony told the New York Post. “After seeing his weight and body change dramatically, my curiosity piqued.

Followers of the Game on social media should be aware of his exercise routine since he is often posting photos of meals and workouts out Instagram and Twitter. Rob Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian participate, which unfortunately started rumors swirling that he had an affair with the latter. However, the Game vehemently denies any shenanigans with Lamar Odom’s wife.

Speaking of Instagram, yesterday the game revealed that he dropped his waiter a $6,000 tip. Along with a photo of the lucky worker, he added the following caption.

You aint sayin nothin’ unless you leaving the waiter a $6,000 tip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m drunk & IDGAF !!!!! If you dont know what IDGAF means… Ask somebody young in ya family you old @ss ni–a you………. I miss my ni–a @cbp_frogg & I want the world to know !!!! Materialism doesn’t run my world……. My heart does !!!! Real ni–a to the casket drop !!!!! Ask anybody that know me… I take care of mine… Anybody that tell you anything different was probably ungrateful & already f-cked theirs off wot me….. Memories NEVER die. Let love LOVE.

You can’t be mad at an Easter present like that. Also, the Game’s weed carries better stay on point because it is clearly a plush gig.

Check out images of a trimmer La La, the lucky waiter and the Game’s “60 Days of Health” lifestyle in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram

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