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Apparently, “YOLO” is still a thing. The acronym for a You Only Live Once got a Texas high school student suspended when he wrote it on an exam and tweeted the evidence to friends and school administrators.

WFAA reports:

Kyron Birdine, a junior at Arlington High School, came home with a lesson he won’t soon forget: Don’t mess with the STAAR test.

“I was being a high school kid getting on Twitter,” he explained.

Using an iPod, he tweeted a photo of the word YOLO (“you only live once”) and a smiley face scribbled on the essay portion of the exam, along with this declaration: “I have the TAKS test to study for, not this unneeded craziness.”

He sent it to Arlington ISD and the Texas Education Agency.

The junior, who nearly has a 3.0 grade point average and a high score on the PSAT, will be graduating under TAKS testing standards, not STAAR.

It turns out that Texas students are required to take both the TAKS test and the STAAR  exam, despite the former not counting towards graduation requirement, thus Birdine’s feelings. Officials were paying attention to his “protest” because Birdine was reportedly pulled from class and his mother was called. The teen was hit with a four-day suspension from school and was forced to delete the tweet.

Birdine’s mom think the punishment was excessive and the kid still thinks taking the STAAR exam is a farce, but he’s learned his lesson.  “Don’t do it,” is what he says to any student thinking of copying his actions. Besides, he surely doesn’t want Drake asking for a check.

Check out the offending photo of the marked up exam page and of Bridine on the next pages.

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