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Looks like everyone is getting a piece of the action in this ongoing escapade of Chris Brown vs. Drake.

This time, Chris Brown’s bodyguard Patrick Strickland is suing Drake over the June 2012 fight between CB and Drake at NYC club W.i.P. in SoHo. The New York Post reports that the bodyguard sustained “disfiguring” injuries from the brawl that stems from a note Drake passed over to Brown at the club. In the lawsuit filed within the Manhattan Supreme Court, Strickland states that on the evening of June 13th at W.i.P., Drake had a server bring a note to Chris Brown. The note read, “I am f-king the love of your life.” That obviously brought Brown over the edge and a fight started.

Strickland then revealed that during the altercation he was knocked in the head with a vodka bottle while attempting to protect Brown. His injury required 25 stitches to the dome. While this marks about the eighth lawsuit in progress over this fateful night at the club, Strickland is adding another in a separate lawsuit against W.i.P. All of this over a note? It must be nice to have enough money to waste on lawsuits from one night at the club. Rihanna has to be somewhere laughing.

Back in February, it was revealed that Brown and Drake are suing each other over the incident, too.

Photo: Bossip