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It’s entertaining to see 50 Cent share how his mind words in tidbits, considering that just ten years ago he was most known as the rapper who survived getting shot nine times. Larry King recently sat down with the Queens native, who is now a Forbes list regular, to discuss his road to success, his future endeavors, his favorite MCs and more.

“Money was always the visible financial restraint, because I grew up in without finances,” recalled 50, referring to the inspiration behind his debut album’s title, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.

The G-Unit frontman’s upbringing was a frequently discussed topic during the sit down, most notably losing his mother at the tender age at eight years old. 50 admits that he didn’t fully grasping the concept of death initially. 

“They would consistently say, ‘She’s not coming back,’ and I’m like ‘Yea, she is. My grandfather looked at me like, ‘He really doesn’t understand.'” 

Growing up without a mother had it’s implications, as 50 became fairly acquainted with the concept of death and trouble. He credited some of that to not having a father. “I never knew my father. I never actually met him,” said the “We Up” rapper.

“Some people have that thing where they actually want that parent that they haven’t had in their lives for a long time. Nah, I have no interests in it. The mistakes I made early on Larry, he could have been there to help me not make those mistakes.”

50 has done fairly well for himself, considering his conditions. The mogul recently introduced his boxing promotions company SMS Promotion. Hear the rapper drop countless jewels in the full interview below.

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