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Episode two of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s second season wasn’t as ratchet as the season premiere, but was nevertheless chock full foolishness and overall ninja nonsense.

We got to find out more about new cast member DJ Traci Steele and he baby daddy, who turns out to be Chris Brown’s DJ. Traci is concerned with raising their child (she broke up with him because he cheated on her while she was pregnant) while he appears to be the “I got a million hustles at one, but none of them are really making any money” types.

Mimi and Stevie J’s living situation came to a head, with the latter clearly getting all in his feeling about the way things went down. Umm, since when did pimps have feelings, though?

But the night’s biggest revelation was probably Joseline Hernandez (she didn’t call Mimi a maid this epis0de) admitting that she didn’t read the contract she signed with Stevie J. Say what now?

All that, and still no Rasheeda sightings. Peep 11 things we learned from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode two below.

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