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Hip-Hop has had hypebeasts before the word was even properly invented. Instead of kicks and streetwear, and sometime whether or not it is truly deserved, some rappers generate so much adulation and excitement so fast, that an epic let down is inevitable.

These rap cats were like cant miss high school prospects that ended up fizzling out before going pro, if at all. Like too many blue chip recruits to name, these MC suffered from poor work ethics, bloated egos or just plain bad luck. Instead of classic albums, fans have been blessed with odd behavior, suspect music or frustration at a lack of any substantial new product.

Hip-Hop heads have voracious appetites for fresh new music, and the rappers on this list have failed to deliver when compared to the immense expectations that were heaped on them. Continue below to see the top 10 Rappers That Failed To Live Up To Great Expectations.

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