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Charles Ramsey‘s name has been trending on Twitter for the last couple of days, which makes him a national treasure at this point. The gregarious Cleveland man came to fame when by happenstance he was instrumental in saving three women that had been held captive for 10 years. It wasn’t heroics, but a bubbling personality and a knack for vividly recounting a tale that placed Ramsey in the spotlight.

It started in the first interview on WESW-TV, where Ramsey recounted freeing Amanda Perry, yet finding ways to seamlessly mention eating McDonalds, and eating ribs while listening to salsa music, all in one engaging narrative. Also, let’s not forget the quotables like “dead serious” and “a little pretty while girl running into a Black man’s arms.”

Since then, Ramsey has chopped it up with the likes of Anderson Cooper and even the audio of the 911 call, which all prove that this is no act. Ramsey is the funny uncle who always has a great story to tell.

Worth noting, when Anderson Cooper inquired if he was seeking any of the reward money offered for finding the missing women, he said he would rather they have it because he has a job. How can you be mad at a guy like that?

That said, we compiled Ramsey’s videos, and the Auto-Tune song using his quotes, right here. McDonalds, cut this man a check.

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