Curren$y doesn’t need much to create a visual. Just give him a doobie, an attractive woman and a camera, and see what comes of it. Don’t believe us? Well, the treatment for his New Jet City title track will show skeptics what can be afforded with a little ingenuity.

This time around, the New Orleans native turns a night out on the town into three minute video. Consider this down time, since he was waiting for his girl to get dressed. Men can relate.

Words from the nefarious Nino Brown speaking on “the entrepreneurial spirit” play intro to Curren$y’s potent rhymes. “I wrote this sitting in the back of that triple black with the picnic tables,” boasts the Jet Life frontman. Being that this is Hip-Hop, and seeing is believing, Spitta makes sure to cruise off in his flying spur so the haters know it’s real.

A homage to prolific incarcerated MC Max B also be heard in the background before the song plays, in his lyrics and when it ends. See the shots for “New Jet City,” courtesy of CJ Wallis, below.

Photo: YouTube

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